By adding a selection of natural materials in the grey universe of cement, the designer aims to eliminate dull aspects of consturction material such as architectural glass or marble. The characteristics of natural material found in texture and colors of flower petals or plants seeds destroy the fixed images of concrete and gives new life to the inorganic material. Poetic imaginations and fantasies may arise when colors are casted into the grey world. The imagery far from the reality just may be what we need right now. By configuring the ordinary things that surrounds us, the designer hopes to express the feeling and joy of vision and sensibility.

Materials: Cement & natural materials (Chamelaucium, Genisteae, Gypsophila, Hydrangea, Limonium sinuate, mimosa, Ranunculus, Taraxacum, Tulip, Cynara scolymus )

Exhibition at
Ventura Lambrate / Via Ventura 14

photo: Alberto Strada