Stool 60_Carbon black

case 07_existing objects

Case study 07_existing objects

Stool 60_Carbon black

I chose to buy a 1960′s stool when the University of Urbino, Italy, decided to dismantle many of Alvar Aalto’s furnishings that had been chosen in the original setting by Giancarlo De Carlo.

On the back of the stool I found a love phrase written by a student in an unknown time (“Alessandra ti amo”); I decided to keep the memory of the object together with its memories.


Many special collaborations have been made using sttol 60, but most of them worked using applied graphics.

This time I chose to work directly on the material of the object.

2020-05-16 16.54.30-1

When I thought of working directly on wood, I wanted to essay with the “yakisugi” technique.

I wanted to use the color of the material, so I thought: black.

The black color of coal.

2020-05-16 16.44.57

At first I worked with the original plywood seat. The surface layer peeled off and was not acceptable, so I tried a cedar wood surface.

A copy

changing seat top cedar wood surface

B copy

4 copy

3 copy

2 copy

1 copy